Tanzania thanks WB for strengthening TSCP with $130m

Mathew Kwembe

Tanzania thanks WB for strengthening TSCP with  130m

The government of Tanzania has expressed its gratitude to the World Bank for its decision to approve US $130 million (TSh275 billion) as second additional financing of the Tanzania Strategic Cities Project (TSCP).

Speaking during the opening of the mid-term review support mission held in Mtwara region yesterday, the Permanent Secretary of the President Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG) Eng.Mussa Iyombe commended the contribution of the World Bank and The Royal Danish Government towards the successful implementation of the TSCP project.

In his speech which was presented by the Mtwara Regional Administrative Secretary Mr.Afred Luanda, the Permanent Secretary said that he was delighted to hear that the World Bank has agreed to continue supporting Component II from July 2017.

He urged participating Local Government Authorities to show their readiness and seriousness towards implementing the project more successful.

“Let us improve our commitment to support implementation of the Component II to make it more successful," he said.

The PS also acknowledged the support of the Royal Danish Embassy through DANIDA for implementing Component II of the TSCP project which specifically dealt with institutional strengthening.

He said that during the six years of its implementation, the project has managed to strengthen the Local Government Authorities by providing them with equipment such as Solid Waste Management Equipment, strengthen different systems such as LGRCIS, SOMMA, and GIS.

Eng.Iyombe urged all the participating LGAs to make good use of the equipment and allocates enough own source fund to make both equipment and systems sustainable.

“I urge all LGAs to build the habit of setting aside sufficient funds in your annual budget specifically for Operation and Maintenance, and make sure that allocated budget is used for intended activities," he said.

He stressed to LGAs to ensure that Operation and Maintenance funds should consider also various infrastructures constructed from parent credit from 2010 onwards.

Earlier The TSCP WB representative, Chyi-Yun Huang said that the World Bank had approved the second additional financing which will start during the next financial year 2017/2018.

She added that the present extra financing will be used to implement the project’s vital objective of boosting the quality of and access to basic urban services in the participating Local Government Authorities (LGAs).

On his side the sub coordinator of TSCP Eng. Ezron Kilamhama reiterated the PS stand on ensuring that LGAs allocated sufficient funds for Operation and Maintenance in order to make the equipment sustainable.

He said all the participating LGAs were supported with working facilities, systems development, and file tracking systems, revenue enhancement and core collection.

"Through the project, we have supported councils with equipment such as garbage collection trucks, garbage collection containers, infrastructure, and therefore councils need to allocate fund to enable them maintain the infrastructure built under the project," he said

When approached for his opinion with regard to the directives of the Permanent Secretary Eng. Barnabas Faida from Dodoma Municipality urged fellow LGAs to take the issue seriously since it was in line with earlier directives from government that required LGAs to allocate 60 percent of its own budget revenue collections to implement development activities within their councils.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Mr. Shomari Mukhandi an Assistant Director responsible with the Local Government at PO-RALG who said that PORALG is now strengthening the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit within Regional Secretariats to ensure that LGAs allocate funds for development projects per government directives.

Tanzania Strategic Cities Project (TSCP) is being implemented in seven strategically significant cities of Arusha, Dodoma, Tanga, Kigoma, Mwanza, Mtwara and Mbeya, with the goal to facilitate them to keep up with the pace of quick urbanization.

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