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ULGSP | An Overview


The Government of Tanzania through the Prime Minister’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) is implementing the Urban Local Government Strengthening Program (ULGSP) supported by the World Bank. The program is designed to support the development and strengthening of 18 participating urban local government authorities (ULGAs) namely Municipal Councils of Morogoro, Singida, Shinyanga, Musoma, Tabora, Bukoba, Moshi, Lindi, Songes, Iringa and Sumbawanga and Town Councils of Geita, Bariadi, Babati, Korogwe, Kibaha, Njombe and Mpanda.


The objective of the Program is to improve Institutional Performance for Urban Service deliveryin the targeted Urban Local Government Authorities resulting in;
(i) Improved Urban Planning Systems
(ii) Increased Own source revenues particularly from Property Tax.
(iii) Efficient Fiduciary Management Systems
(iv) Improved Infrastructure Delivery and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) systems and
(v) Strengthened Accountability and Oversight Systems.


Among other roles, PO-RALG is responsible for capacity building at both the Ministry andULGA levels and is assessed each financial year to determine; (i) the extent to which theCapacity Building Plan for that year has been accomplished and (ii) the amount of funds to beallocated for the following financial year.

The roles of program ULGAs are to carry out their activities under the Program with duediligence and efficiency and in accordance with the Program Manuals, maintain policies andprocedures adequate to enable them to monitor the progress of their activities under the Programand the achievement of the Program’s objectives, enable the PO-RALG and the Association toinspect the Program activities within the Program ULGAs’ jurisdiction, develop infrastructureaction plan in each fiscal year, thereafter implement the adopted infrastructure action plan.Before LGAs fully access the UPG funds, they are required to meet a set of minimumconditions and performance indicators. This requirement is to ensure that funds transferred toLGAs are properly used and in compliance with GoT statutory and administrative requirements.These minimum conditions are derived from laws, regulations and guidelines of the Tanzania.

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Annual Performance Assessment Manual

Environmental and Social Management Technical Manual

Annual Performance Assessment Synthesis report for 2013/14

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ULGSP Score and Allocations for FY-2016-2017

A Final Synthesis Report 3rd APA for ULGAs April 16

Vigezo vya uanzishaji na upandishaji hadhi wa mamlaka za serikali za mitaa
Taratibu za kupandishwa vyeo na mafunzo kwa watumishi wa MSM
Utaratibu wa Jinsi ya Kushughulikia Malalamiko Serikalini.
Maelezo kuhusu utaratibu wa uhamisho kwa watumishi wa Umma
Majukumu Na kazi za Meya,Madiwani,Wenyeviti wa Vijiji na Vitongoji.

COUNTER STARTED ON:27th July 2015.