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PEDP | An Overview

The government of Tanzania initiated PEDP in 2001 to provide free and quality primary education with emphasis at improving level of education in the following areas enrolment expansion, quality improvement, capacity building and institutional arrangement. PEDP is one of the first outcomes of a successful education development program in Tanzania.Through the program school fees was abolished and hence there was an increase in the gross enrolment ratio.

In addition to this the government has made great effort to recruit more teachers to accommodate enrolment increases. With the initiation of PEDP, new classes were built and old schools were rehabilitated in order to cope with increasing number of pupils.

The introduction of Capitation grant to the schools motivated the community to participate on the development of the school.For instance construction of classrooms, teachers' houses and procure of textbooks and other teaching and learning materials.

PEDP is a program designed to enhance ownership and partnership in basic education management and delivery at community level. It was launched in July 2001 with the overall objectives of ensuring that each child of school going age has access to quality basic education.The program designed to address critical challenges of sub sector with a focus of strengthening linkages within the basic education and education sectors in general.

It's focus on ensuring access and equity, Quality in the provision of basic education, strengthening capacities, Addressing cross cutting issues which support the planning and delivery of education and strengthening institutional arrangements.

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