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MMAM | An Overview

MMAM is acronym of Mpango wa Maendeleo wa Afya ya Msingi . The establishment of MMAM is a result of implementation of the Health Policy of 2007 requiring each citizen to be provided with basic health service within their vicinity.

MMAM is a ten year programme aiming to improve health care service. Under the Programme, the primary health care infrastructure will be improved, and supplied with adequate medical supplies, equipment and staff. It is expected that this programme will reduce child and maternal death and improve the health of the majority poor in the urban and rural areas.

PMO-RALG is striving to realise the Government intention of providing quality health and social welfare policies and to accelerate provision of quality primary health care services to all by 2017.

Specific Objectives

  1. To rehabilitate, upgrade and establish facilities at primary level to ensure equity and access of quality health care to all Tanzanians.
  2. To upgrade and establish more training institutions to ensure quality and adequate availability of skilled Human resources for health.
  3. To fast track capacity building, upgrading and on job skills development for allied health workers to meet needs of the primary health facilities
  4. To strengthen and maintain human resource database
  5. To provide standardized medical equipment, instruments, pharmaceuticals and sundries to all primary health facilities to ensure optimal performance
  6. To ensure that referral system ids operational, and where necessary to establish teams of consultants to conduct mobile clinics and outreach services to support health facilities quality health care and minimize unnecessary referrals
  7. To increase financial allocation to the sector with a view to attain the Abuja call of 15% of the annual budget.

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COUNTER STARTED ON:27th July 2015.