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LGTP | An Overview

PMORALG through its LGTP and VTTP embarked on a massive road upgrading project which could see that most of Tanzania's local government transport roads which are not passable are in good shape.

(LGTP) is a comprehensive programme for the development and maintenance of Tanzania's Local Government transport infrastructure including a number of rural airstrips. The Programme is fully integrated into, and consistent with, the National Transport Policy and the Transport Sector Investment Programme (TSIP).

The immediate objective is “accessibility in urban and rural areas significantly improved on a sustainable basis”.

The objective of the Programme is to contribute to poverty reduction in rural areas by improving accessibility in a significant manner and on sustainable basis. A “significant” improvement is necessary to have an impact on economic and social activities. A “sustained” improvement is necessary in order for a change in economic and social activities to take place and become established, thereby, making a meaningful contribution to poverty reduction.

Of the total classified network of 56,625 kilometers, almost 15,000 kilometers is currently not passable by normal motorized vehicles. A further 20-30,000 kilometers is not passable by normal motorized vehicles during the rainy season.

82% of the network is earth surfaced and 16.6% gravel surfaced while 1.4% is sealed. The immediate priority is to improve passability such that the network provides reliable access for the prevailing means of motorized transport, typically a two-wheel drive pick-up.The proposed strategy is to focus on establishing basic access on the classified network in a first five-year phase from 2007 to 2012. Maintenance of infrastructure will be generally prioritized over improvements and upgrading. Establishing arrangements for carrying out and funding maintenance will be part of the process of planning and approving infrastructure improvements under the LGTP.

With regard to water transport infrastructure, the most urgent needs will be identified and prioritized and some few improvements will be carried out during the first phase. This will provide lessons for planning of the next phases. The priority of the village travel and transport programme component (VTTP) will be to extend the approach nationwide emphasizing those areas and communities with difficult rural access problems and high levels of poverty.

Capacity building will be an integral part of the LGTP and particularly significant in the first five-year phase. Cross-cutting issues such as gender equity, HIV/AIDS, environmental management and safety will be mainstreamed into the implementation.

To ensure realization of some of the important socio-economic benefits of the programme and to carry out efficiently works that will predominantly be relatively small-scale and scattered, labour-based methods will be used for most of the physical works under the programme.

Read LGTP Phase One 2007 - 2012 here!

Vigezo vya uanzishaji na upandishaji hadhi wa mamlaka za serikali za mitaa
Taratibu za kupandishwa vyeo na mafunzo kwa watumishi wa MSM
Utaratibu wa Jinsi ya Kushughulikia Malalamiko Serikalini.
Maelezo kuhusu utaratibu wa uhamisho kwa watumishi wa Umma
Majukumu Na kazi za Meya,Madiwani,Wenyeviti wa Vijiji na Vitongoji.

COUNTER STARTED ON:27th July 2015.