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LGSP | An Overview

The Local Government Support Project is a project of cross sectoral nature. The main objectives of the project are delivered from two development approaches namely poverty reduction strategy and local government reform policy.

LGSP supports investments by providing capital to LGAs for expansion and rehabilitation of the infrastructure. The project was formulated as one of the instruments to help local authorities to acquire the capacities to qualify and access fund provided by the government through the Local Government Capital Development Grant (LGCDG) system.

The Government of Tanzania in collaboration with Development Partners established a Local Government Capital Development Grant system to support LGAs. The system was initially introduced in January, 2005.

Councils are assessed annually to qualify for grant and only councils which meet both minimum conditions and performance measures access the grant. Apart from capital development grant, councils access grant for capacity building in development skills, procurement of office furniture and study tours.

In the financial year 2008/09 Local Government Support Program achieved the following:-

  • Increased people's participation in planning and implementation of social economic development initiatives;
  • Improved local government financial management as evidenced by increased clean certificates issued by the Controller and Auditor General. In 2008/2009 all LGAs were awarded clean certificates.
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Majukumu Na kazi za Meya,Madiwani,Wenyeviti wa Vijiji na Vitongoji.

COUNTER STARTED ON:27th July 2015.