Strategic Plan

Prime Minister's Office Regional Administration and Local Government

A Strategic Plan is a document which is used by an organization to align its organization and budget structure with organizational priorities, missions, and objectives.

It should include a mission statement, a description of the agency's long-term goals and objectives, and strategies or means the agency plans to use to achieve these general goals and objectives. The strategic plan may also identify external factors that could affect achievement of long-term goals. It is also a systematic method used by an organization to anticipate and adapt to expected changes.

The Medium Term Strategic Plan for PMORALG which is of five years span was prepared in compliance with the Public Service Reform Programme which has set out policy guidelines requiring all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to prepare their Strategic Plans. The methodology used in preparing the medium term strategic plan was participative whereby different stakeholders were involved in the process through workshops

The main objectives of the 5 years plan are:-

  • To serve as a source of information and a frame of reference for all stakeholders (including employees) so that they can be fully aware of and where necessary engaged in the processes of efficient and effective delivery of services
  • To lay down an agreed coherent strategic framework of key results area and strategic objectives to govern the scheduling and implementation of activities and services which the PMORALG needs to deliver during the plan period.
  • To act as a working tool for the management team.
  • To guide and organise operational inputs to achieve the outputs for each annual operating plan and to agree on budgetary resources with the Ministry of Finance.

Successful implementation of the strategic plan will be the manifestation of the vision, mission and objectives of our National Development Vision 2025, the Rural Development Policy, Rural Development Strategy, the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP) and Sectoral Policies and strategies. This requires well dedicated workers with changed attitudes and adhering to organisational cultures.

Hence, all stakeholders are urged to give their full commitment in implementing the Medium Term Strategic Plan for PMORALG. The PMORALG will conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation in the implementation of the planned activities. It will also conduct a review of the medium strategic plan every year in order to improve it and include any emerging requirements.

Read our Strategic Plan here

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